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Originally from the State of Indiana in the United States, as a result of life circumstances, I find myself trapped by my own design on a mountaintop at the exact center of South America. I have learned that 'home' is not so much where you come from, but where you end up in life.

After my baby boy, the two things in life that I love most are travel and romance. But I have to stay home to take care of my baby and I have been separated from his mother for almost two years. So, I now pursue both interests exclusively on the Internet by posting blogs (Travel: and my single parents' site in Spanish ( where I hope to have a little success flirting in the future.

This coming November of 2014 I will turn 57 years old and my only child, Davy, will turn 3. I thought that I was infertile, and this was confirmed by no less than two fertility specialists, but a miraculous conception occurred while I was in Bolivia and I was a awarded a precious gift by the Lord. (I know he is mine because he looks very much like me). To show my gratitude, I live pretty much exclusively for my son, his future. Hopefully, he will manage these web sites someday and your blogs will live forever.

A published historian of Latin America (in Spanish), I think of myself not only as a one time world traveler, but also as an ex-revolutionary. The image below is of me with my machine gun in El Salvador in 1992. I did not engage in combat they just dressed me up that way for the picture. I was a guerrilla historian and not a guerrilla fighter: and I am published by the University of Costa Rica in Spanish in the area of the history of women's rights (more precisely the lack thereof). (See publication).

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Davy is my only family and not a well child, so I find myself more or less permanently planted in Cochabamba, Bolivia, living about 2 kilometers up the hill from my baby and his mother. The only way I can travel is vicariously off of your joy in the trek, posting blogs of your adventures around the world helps me to escape and travel as well, at least in my mind. I appreciate your collaboration with my web site.

With My Son Davy Dylan

This photo of me - below, left, in the middle, with the hat on, in El Salvador - is now 21 years old. While I am not the least bit ashamed of my enthusiastic support for the revolution in Central America at the time, I have lost my zeal for politics and remain somewhat jaded concerning the Latin American Left.

Over the course of the last two decades since the revolution in Central America, I have become largely apolitical. I just want to observe, travel with time, learn. Judgement is something that I see as most appropriate for the young, along with idealism.