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Re-writing History to Celebrate the Forgotten Heroes

History can be resurrected from the dead, made alive in new ways and directions. History is what we make of it. We encourage you to blog about our true heroes from long ago who gave their lives for their people, for justice, for the generations to come, in the best way that they saw fit.

Let us a…

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Aborigine Dreamtime Indigenous Spirituality Australia

 Australia’s indigenous people believe in the ‘Dreamtime’ and that the world, its people, and some plants and animals were created by supernatural deities at the beginning of time. 

Very religious and spiritual, the Aborigines believe in a number of deities whose form can be depicted in the form of a landscape eg; an image in a rock art shelter, or in a plant or animal form.

Dreamtime is a place beyond time and space in which the past, present, and future exist wholly as one. Tribes-people could enter this alternate universe through dreams or various states of altered consciousness, as well as death, Dreamtime being considered the final destination before reincarnation.


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