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Congress of Tucumán, Argentine War of Independence

The Casa de Tucumán (meaning "House of Tucumán" in Spanish, officially Casa Histórica de la Independencia) is a historic building and museum located in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, built during the colonial times. The Congress of Tucumán worked in this house during the Argentine War of Inde…

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San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina History Travel

Since very ancient times, a wide range of Indian tribes whose culture is still being studied have dwelled the area. Among the peoples who inhabited the territory of Tucumán, the most outstanding were the diaguitas calchaquíes, who had experienced a strong influence by the Incas. Settled in the mo…

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Our Most Recent Blogs for South America

Páramos: Ecosystem Evolution Above the Tree Line

Few outside of the ecological community have likely heard of páramos—high, tropical habitats that occur in mountainous regions, above the tree line, but below areas that receive snow. Despite their obscurity, however, scientists get very excited about these ecosystems, which are known to be hotbeds…

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Valdivian Fertility Goddess, Ecuador, Oldest Settlement

 Valdivia, Ecuador, 130 km from Guayaquil.

The earliest permanent settlement as proved by ceramic dating dates to 3500 BC by the Valdivia on the coast of Ecuador. Other groups also formed permanent settlements. Among those groups were the Chibchas (or "Muiscas" or "Muyscas") and the Tairona, of Co…

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