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Re-writing History to Celebrate the Forgotten Heroes

History can be resurrected from the dead, made alive in new ways and directions. History is what we make of it. We encourage you to blog about our true heroes from long ago who gave their lives for their people, for justice, for the generations to come, in the best way that they saw fit.

Let us a…

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Valdivian Fertility Goddess, Ecuador, Oldest Settlement

 Valdivia, Ecuador, 130 km from Guayaquil.

The earliest permanent settlement as proved by ceramic dating dates to 3500 BC by the Valdivia on the coast of Ecuador. Other groups also formed permanent settlements. Among those groups were the Chibchas (or "Muiscas" or "Muyscas") and the Tairona, of Co…

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Prince Henry the Navigator, 1418, the "Torrid Zone"

 Prince Henry the Navigator began in 1418 to encourage the penetration of "the torrid zone": Antarctica.

In one of the first attempts at climate classification, the ancient Greek scholar Aristotle hypothesized that the earth was divided into three types of climatic zones, each based on distance fr…

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Antoine de la Sale, Councils of Mad Youth

Antoine de la Sale (c. 1388–c. 1462), author of Petit Jehan de Saintre, climbed to the crater of a volcano in the Lipari Islands in 1407, leaving us with his impressions. "Councils of mad youth" were his stated reasons for going.

Petit Jehan de Saintre is based on a principle of ambiguity and in…

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